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What Franchisees Should Know About the International Franchise Association

A franchisor grants small business owners (franchisees) permission to run a business under its brand name in exchange for a nominal fee. It licenses the use of a business model and a trademark to franchisees. The franchisor offers support, training, guidance, and essential resources to help franchisees succeed in their respective locations. It is important for franchisees to be aware of the International Franchise Association (IFA) in detail and the resources the IFA offers to their franchises. Business franchise magazine is also one way of being aware of the adventures or opportunities one can pursue in the franchise world and being updated with all the franchise news and information.

IFA is the world’s oldest and largest firm representing franchising globally. It offers industry-leading events, growth opportunities, support, and training to the franchise community. IFA members function with the highest standards, and it includes franchise companies in over 120 different business categories and individual franchisees. IFA represents lots of franchise brands, and franchisees can discover a lot inside the IFA hub. IFA is proud to represent excellence in the education and advocacy of those who are in the franchise field. Franchise Broker Association (FBA) is also committed to the growth of the franchise brokering industry. FBA focuses on Technology, Transparency, Scalability, and Support.

The International Franchise Association was started in 1960 with the simple aim of serving the national franchising community. It has grown substantially in the decades that followed its inception; its national resources turned global. The IFA is committed to its mission to protect, promote, and enhance franchising through public relations, government relations, and educational programs. Its vision is to be the preeminent leader and voice for worldwide franchising, and it has been living its mission and vision since its start. The National Association of Franchisees serves the franchisee community through advocacy, training, and education.

The International Franchise Association abides by the code of ethics. It establishes a framework for allowing best practices in franchise association with IFA members. The relationships formed by IFA with franchises are grounded in honesty, trust, integrity, and truth on behalf of both parties. The US-based trade association of IFA advocates for advantageous policies and laws for its members (large franchisors and their franchisees). The IFA promotes its members as job creators and fights to protect the rights of its members.

Members of the IFA can be franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers also. In 1993, the IFA started giving its membership to franchisees in addition to its biggest funders (franchisors). Franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers all have the benefits of IFA membership. All these entrepreneurs are inspired and aim to grow the operations of their franchise and create a strong future. As a franchisor member in the IFA, you get access to international development leads and global networks. The registration for IFA membership for franchisors starts at $1675, with plenty of assets included with the payment.

With the IFA membership, franchisors get an abundance of opportunities to mentor and network, payroll processing services, access to the supplier directory of IFA, discounts on marketing tools, etc. The IFA membership for franchisees starts at $110, and in return, the IFA helps with news and thought leadership. The IFA also provides a compliance toolkit and discounts on events relatable to the needs of the franchisee.

The IFA membership to suppliers starts at $3860 and is filled with good benefits. The most significant advantage for suppliers is that they get great exposure to around 1400 franchise brands, and through this, they can build mutually advantageous partnerships with these brands. Suppliers can be nominated for leadership roles in various committees and Supplier Forum Advisory Board. Suppliers can project themselves as trustworthy and reliable experts in the supplier field by receiving a professional certification after completing Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) course.

The International Franchise Association’s FranBlog (Franchises + Blog) contains a lot of informative content about franchise-related topics. The different categories of information consist of news, event coverage, insights into the franchise economy, tips for operations and resources, etc. The “Spotlight on people” category allows you to learn about successful franchisees on franchisee day. Franchisor or franchisees can refine their skillsets by checking the IFA Information Hub.

IFA’s advocacy program “Franchise Action Network” supports and protects those who are in the franchise industry. Here franchisors and franchisees can understand the value of availing trademark protection, the role of IFA in removing obstacles to franchise entrepreneurship, and ensuring all small businesses get equal treatment. Being a member of the IFA is highly beneficial for franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers and the IFA network helps them in ensuring their success.fran.