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UAE working on ‘GPT-powered AI tutors’ to transform education

The Education Minister of the United Arab Emirates stated on Thursday that AI-generated tutors will soon be used in classrooms in schools in the UAE.

Ahmad Al Falasi said that the ministry planned to use AI chatbot tutors, like ChatGPT or Google Bard, to transform the education sector, even though teachers would continue to be the primary source of instruction.

An Outline

“At the Service of Schooling, we are focused on taking on exploring advances and are teaming up with our accomplices to foster GPT-fueled man-made intelligence guides and develop training innovation to raise the schooling system in the UAE,” said Mr Al Falasi at the Alef Training Culmination at the Historical center Representing things to come in Dubai.

Traditional teaching methods have been transformed by innovative tools that have revolutionized the classroom through interactive and distance learning as science and education technology advances worldwide. Teaching professionals and digital experts met for a day to discuss reshaping the sector at the meeting, which was organized by Alef, a UAE-based education technology provider.

End Note

The non-profit Harlem Children’s Zone’s president, Geoffrey Canada, talked about how school closings in poor neighborhoods in the US because of a lack of resources have hurt children’s education.

Currently, advanced accelerator programs and online systems are used to assist high achievers and some children with the curriculum. Students can also use these as refresher courses to help them study for exams or other research projects.