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The Gucci Milan site has been inspected as part of an EU Antitrust Investigation

According to a report from Reuters, the European Union’s antitrust regulators have begun inspecting the Gucci Milan facility as part of a multi-country EU investigation. On Wednesday, the French owner of Gucci, Kering, said this, confirming the Reuters report.

Gucci Store Under Investigation

In a statement, Kering said, “The organization will fully cooperate with the (European) Commission in the setting of this investigation.”

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, Reuters had previously reported that Italian tax police and agents from the European Commission inspected a Gucci factory in Milan on Tuesday in connection with the production of travel items, handbags, and other leather goods.

Gucci and the European Commission declined to remark on Wednesday. According to one of the sources, similar inspections had been carried out on other fashion companies outside of the Kering group. On Tuesday, the European Commission announced that antitrust authorities had conducted raids on fashion-related businesses in several EU nations.

The Commission, which goes about as the opposition master in the 27-country EU, didn’t name the organizations or the nations, in accordance with its approach. Additionally, it sent requests for information to businesses operating in the same industry.

Companies that break EU regulations face fines of up to 10% of their global turnover. The Commission said on Tuesday that the most recent activity was not connected with different strikes on the style business in the beyond two years.

EU antitrust controllers said in January 2022 they were testing whether French design house Pierre Cardin’s authorizing and appropriation manages German apparel producer Ahlers could break European Association rules on the web and cross-line deals.

According to people familiar with the situation, a second investigation that was made public in June 2022 following raids on a few fashion companies the month before focused on a group of designers who had requested changes to sales periods and discounts.