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The Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in 2021

Year 2020 is ending but not on a great note considering what it gave to humanity worldwide. But nowhere does it mean that year 2021 could be on similar lines. With pharma companies worldwide vying with each other to produce the vaccine and plenty of research taking place, it’s just a question of time before things come back to normal.

And after that? It’s back to business with the most lucrative franchise that we, a global franchise magazine, publish here. With enterprise and hunger trumping over everything else, you need to immediately start a franchise business some of which we mention below as being the best franchise opportunities to own in year 2021.

Sonic Drive-in

Commenced franchising: 1959

Outlets: over 3,500

Initial outlay: $1.2 million to $3.5 million

It is being in the business for over half-a-century that makes Sonic Drive-in one of the most lucrative franchise models in terms of stability. Better still is the fact that they have constantly changed their menu to keep up with their patrons’ tastes and preferences.

Even better is the fact that this great franchise opportunity has shown keen interest in the latest digital initiatives with analytics being on its radar all the time. What it means for its clients and franchise operators is they change constantly, which adds to their life.

For business they don’t sit idle and that can be seen in 2018, they changed hands and went with Inspire Brands for $2.3 billion to keep company with the likes of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. There is a talk of rebranding the entire set-up with one certainty. That it shall grow in times to come.


Commenced franchising: 1955

Outlets: 12,957

Initial outlay: $395,500 to $1.6 million

Dunkin was at one time Dunkin Doughnuts, one of the most lucrative franchise business. That was till they dropped the word ‘Doughnuts’. And guess what? They did even better, making them an even better franchise business!

For anyone who has had their doughnuts, there is nothing like ‘stopping yourself’! You simply cannot, which makes them one of the most advantageous and in-demand franchise business. With that sort of energy, this is one monetary commitment that will always be successful irrespective of time of the year or other similar considerations. Whether doughnuts interest you or not, Dunkin, as a franchise, should.

Great Clip

Commenced franchising: 1983

Outlets: Over 4000

Initial outlay: $136,900 to $259,400

Hair-raising stuff this is for its franchise owners. As for the franchise operators, it raises the bar for what a franchise business can be in the right hands. In competition with others like Sport Clips in the US hair-cut market, Great Clip could just be the clip your entrepreneurial spirit may need, to go places. If looks matter, and you want the world to look good, this could be your opportunity.

Planet Fitness

Commenced franchising: 2003

Outlets: Over 1500

Initial franchise cost: $1.1 million to $4.2 million

The benefit of franchising in the case of Planet Fitness is that they keep things LEAN! And seriously so given that they don’t own anything other than the most basic of stuff to run the fitness center.

No pools, no Zumba-like classes, and most of all, no instructor. All they have are a dozen people per franchise outlet who between themselves handle everything from upkeep of the place to customer demands and assistance.

Lean being their vision, they are on their way to get most of the US up and very fit, and so too their franchise owners. With an initial joining fee of just $ 10.00, gyms can’t get any cheaper than this- their USP!

Smoothie King

Commenced franchising: 1988

Outlets: Over 1000

Initial franchise cost: $263,600 to $844,500

One of the most, most lucrative franchise business in the US, Smoothie King has come a long, long way on its path of growth and success. Starting in 1988 in Kenner, Louisiana, it was given a rather negative review by the authorities when its products were found to be low on nutrition.

Wanting to turn things into Franchise opportunities for the long run, the company under its Korean Owners in 2019 has been focusing on “Clean Blends initiative” with products featuring more smoothies with whole fruits and vegetables and less of food coloring, flavor, preservatives, and sugar- just what would make it a franchise opportunity!


Commenced franchising: 1964

Outlets: Over 65000

Initial franchise outlay: $47,100 to $1.2 million

The store got its name for the timing it maintained from 7 AM to 11 PM. What started as a typical provision store over time got into prepared foods like iced drinks, ice-creams, smoothies, and the likes. They even operate their own gas stations! And that so that their patrons visit their “real store”! According to Wikipedia, their products today range from “coffee, fresh-made daily sandwiches, fresh fruit, salads, bakery items, hot and prepared foods, gasoline, dairy products, carbonated beverages and energy drinks, juices, donuts, financial services, and product delivery services”. A great franchise opportunity exists for their foods and beverages.