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Sakura pizza from Pizza Hut brings Cherry Blossom season to Taiwan

The chain’s most recent bizarre offering combines one of Japan’s most contentious foods with the beauty of the sakura cherry blossoms – Natto

Natto is the term used to describe fermented soybeans, renowned for their slimy consistency and musty odor. Pizza Hut is taking a chance by including natto as one of the main ingredients in Sakura Full Bloom Natto Seafood Rice Bowl Pizza. It is usually eaten with rice and has a lot of health benefits, is either loved or hated by most people.

Pizza for Taiwanese People

For Taiwanese people, natto is a mysterious, sticky, and distinctive Japanese food. As a result, when she read some of the online reviews, she wasn’t surprised that it didn’t win over many people, when combined with the deliciousness of a crispy pizza base.

When she lifted the lid, Yui noticed that the pizza’s contents were beautiful. There were a lot of pink ingredients on top to look like cherry blossoms.

Despite the word “sakura” in its name, this pizza does not contain any cherry or sakura flavors; instead, pink hues honor the flower. Adding octopus, crab sticks, and pickled daikon, radish was arranged like petals among mozzarella cheese, chopped green onions, and squid marinated in a unique teriyaki wasabi soy sauce completed that task.