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Nathan Weber | VP of Business Development Qualicare | Home Care

Qualicare: Addressing Complete Home Care Needs of Families

Many times, the youths of the families may be busy in their learnings, tasks, and responsibilities, and they may not get sufficient time to pay attention to the needs and care of the elder people in the family. For many seniors with limited strength or mobility, daily tasks are simply more difficult and time consuming than in previous years. To address these needs Qualicare Home Care’s caregivers offer a helping hand to seniors in the family around the home and assist with activities of daily living.

With Daily Tasks and Household Management assistance, Qualicare’s caregivers provide the support and assistance your loved one needs to live safely at home. From delivering specialized home care to managing everyday tasks, or simply keeping company for your loved one, Qualicare works with clients to develop a custom home care plan that compassionately responds to your lovedone’s needs, for as long as they need it. Whether your loved one needs help around the house or more specialized attention, its 360° Approach provides a complete care solution.

Qualicare’s personal care services cover many of the physical aspects of home care. These services are particularly useful to clients with limited strength, coordination, or mobility, as well as clients coping with chronic health conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. The company provides complete care for people’s body and home. With Qualicare it is possible for clients to make their everyday life more manageable, comfortable and enjoyable.

Nathan Weber is the VP of Business Development at Qualicare. Nathan is an Entrepreneur and an expert in Lead Generation, Sales and Marketing, and new Business Models, with over 24 years of experience in the Franchise world. His flexibility and well-rounded background make him an asset in any business environment. As the VP of Franchise Development, Nathan has driven a lot of Qualicare’s expansion by finding qualified candidates who are passionate about healthcare and desire to be entrepreneurs.

In an interview with The Franchise Universe, Nathan Weber shares the journey of Qualicare Home Care and about its contribution in the Home Healthcare and Senior care along with its contributions to the franchises. Qualicare’s system allows for both medical and non-medical backgrounds. It is fueled by people who want to make a real difference. It offers a very affordable start-up model with high returns on investment. It guides franchises step by step in becoming a successful, happy Qualicare franchise partner. It provides customized support to franchises at every stage of their businesses, initial training, start-up phase, and growth phase.

Below are the Highlights of the Interview:

Give us a brief overview and journey of Qualicare since its inception along with your role at the company.

When Wayne Nathanson’s father was diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s disease, his challenging care required coordinating over 40 care and health practitioners. Fortunately, his wife Andrea’s nursing skills, home care expertise, and resourcefulness created a system that allowed his father to be provided with the holistic care he needed. As you can imagine, the care was quite complex. Andrea and Wayne, an experienced businessman, were the perfect combination of experiences to begin a company focused on case management from the start. Since then, Qualicare has opened locations across all of Ontario and is starting to expand into the rest of Canada and the United States.

As a business leader, what is your opinion on the effects of the current pandemic on the Hospital & Health Care Industry?

We’ve seen healthcare preferences make a sharp shift from long term care facilities as the norm to families and the elderly desire to stay in the home and receive care there instead. These days, three out of four older Americans plan to age in place—that is, live independently in their family homes. And thanks to innovative care strategies, it’s entirely possible for seniors to live safely in the place they feel most comfortable.

What is your opinion on the advancements for Veterans Care to improve the offerings with newer technological developments, especially when it comes to building a population of healthy individuals?

With the help of technology, seniors are empowered to live more independently. That involves everything from electric stairlifts to monitoring devices, home safety alarms, and smart lighting systems. Even seeing a doctor has become easier: thanks to Telemedicine, you can call or video chat with your physician or specialists remotely, eliminating the need to travel and spend time in medical offices. Qualicare has technology partners with our local care team to help put together the right plan for care and technology working together.

Which is the best way to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with your Exceptional assistance for urgent needs coming our way?

The best way we can do this is by pushing forward on multiple fronts for advancement and always working to anticipate the needs of the families we care for. We are doing this by searching for qualified franchise owners to be able to provide our 360-degree care in more parts of North America, continually pushing the standard of care to go beyond care, finding the right local partners and innovative technology solutions, and ensuring we are training our care professionals the right way to be able to deliver on our promise of exceptional care.

As an established business leader, what would be your advice to the budding healthcare leaders aspiring to venture into the Home Health Care Services?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to get into this industry only if your heart is in it and you’ll go to great lengths to ensure the quality of care is high. The families we care for need to be able to rely on the support and coordinated care we provide and beyond that, the business is incredibly rewarding.

How do you envision on sustaining your holistic care competency in a cutthroat and volatile world of wellness center? Where do you see your Home Care in the next five years?

Our holistic approach looks at both medical and non-medical care and designs a personalized care plan that works towards the goal of the individual, whether that be recovery from illness, improving quality of life, reversing conditions, or simply being able to live the last stage of life at home. In the end, companies that have the right intentions and are able to execute will thrive and if we are serving our clients knowing we are achieving this high standard, we will be living out our mission.