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Pizza Hut is introducing a cheesesteak to its menu

Starting on Tuesday, for a limited time, grilled sirloin steak strips will be available on the menu at Pizza Hut.

Cheesesteak Pizza and Cheesesteak Melt will include the new meat option. The pizza is finished off with the steak strips, alfredo sauce, green chime peppers, onions and Parmesan oregano preparing on a selection of outside layers. The price varies depending on the size of the pizza, but it starts at $13.99.

Pizza to bring classic dishes in the Menu

The handheld Cheesesteak Melt is filled with steak strips, melted cheese, and other toppings. It is then baked until crisp, and the butter, Parmesan, and oregano are added at the end. It’s presented with a side of farm sauce for plunging and goes for $6.99. Pizza Hut is timing the LTO to coincide with its time at Chain, a popular West Hollywood pop-up that gives chef-inspired spins to classic chain restaurant menu items.

Pizza Haute’s Supper Series will include the Tri-Tip Preeminent, a turn on a potato pizza enhanced with bacon fat and thyme-cooked confit potatoes, as well as top notch food variants of the brand’s Exemplary Pepperoni and Veggie lover Incomparable. Chain’s ranch dressing and seasoning blend will also be available in bottles on the table. The dates for the pop-up are May 19, 20, and 24.

According to data from Technomic, a sister company of Restaurant Business, cheesesteak is now available in sandwiches and other formats on 19.5% of chain menus. The trend began in independent restaurants, particularly Philadelphia’s renowned cheesesteak establishments Geno’s and Pat’s, but it has since spread to fast casual and casual dining menus. The fundamental combos incorporate steak strips, peppers and onions, however the cheddar can differ from provolone to pepper jack, cheddar, fontina and that’s just the beginning.