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Jesse James Leyva | Founder | Outlaw FitCamp

Outlaw FitCamp: Delivering Result-Driven Fitness Experience

Today fitness has become more important than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic itself has highlighted the importance of health and fitness. As people are aging, they are becoming more inclined towards fitness, making the fitness industry one of the fastest-growing sectors in the franchising world.

With many fitness franchises available in the market, Outlaw Fitcamp stands out with its result-driven program.

Outlaw FitCamp is breaking the laws of conventional fitness by providing challenging workouts, personalized coaching from certified trainers, and real-world Fuel Plans that fit your reality, all with the community of Outlaws to keep you going so you can make fit happen. You can turn your love for fitness into a profitable business with Outlaw FitCamp.

We at The Franchise Universe caught up with Jesse James Leyva, the Founder of Outlaw FitCampto learn more about the franchise and how it is delivering an impactful fitness experience for its customers as well as franchisees.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Give us a brief overview/inception of Outlaw FitCamp, its mission, and the key aspects of its strong foothold in the Health, Wellness & Fitness industry.

The Outlaw FitCamp mission was developed to address the various things that I have found to be missing in the fitness segment of franchising, and especially the group fitness niche. Many of the franchise fitness businesses offer an on-your-own model in a convenient yet empty location. Essentially, not much different than working out alone at home, except with more equipment options. Others are large full-service gyms and fitness centers complete with expensive membership commitments and little opportunity for group fitness or one-on-one attention.

With an extensive personal training background, I have been able to work with people from 8 to 80 years old with various physical and health issues as well as lifestyles. Outlaw FitCamp programs enable us to combine both personal training and group fitness to better suit the needs of our clients, regardless of weight, age, gender. This allows us to help a large segment of the population of people, from the morbidly obese to those with physical disabilities or to individuals that just want to get toned or get back in shape. Being able to serve everyone is at the core of our mission at Outlaw FitCamp.

Describe your top-notch offerings, and what makes your franchise a preferred choice among your clientele over other competitors?

The Outlaw FitCamp franchise offers multiple streams of revenue. Our franchisees realize not only the group fitness revenue that our competitors rely upon but also an even higher source of revenue through personal training. With the Outlaw FitCamp hybrid model, franchisees are able to grow their business based upon multiple revenue streams including our popular retail items.

But what really enhances the difference at Outlaw FitCamp is the ability of our franchisees to maintain employees, a key to business success. While many fitness instructors and personal trainers are part-time across the fitness industry, Outlaw FitCamp provides full-time fitness positions. It’s a cornerstone of our business model. We firmly believe by offering full-time positions, our franchisees can better retain staff which, in turn, helps maintain client retention. Certainly, this stability, helps Outlaw FitCamp franchisees and staff look at their own long-term goals of personal and business growth.

Describe in detail the work culture and the values that drive your franchise services.

Everyone at Outlaw FitCamp has a passion for changing lives. Our brand culture is based upon this passion. The Outlaw FitCamp business model encourages our franchisees and staff to have a real impact on their local community.

Instead of just having a routine job for a return-on-investment or paycheck, they have an opportunity to change lives – an effect that we know can spill over into their own lives. We have seen how it can increase personal confidence, change how they raise their children & grow their families and increase their expectations for other parts of their lives & their future.

In what ways have you or your franchise contributed to the community?

Outlaw FitCamp is very much part of the local community from sponsorships to contributions to various charities, but it’s the Outlaw FitCamp culture that takes things to a whole different level. We push all stakeholders, franchisees, staff, and clients to be better people, not just physically but mentally. We’re quite different from other fitness centers and studios. We don’t want our clients to worry about competing with others.

In our facilities, there are no monitors, no televisions, and no mirrors in the group fitness area. We strive to have our clients be in competition only with themselves. We encourage clients to focus on being a better version of themselves than they were last month, last week, or yesterday. Through this confidence-building, Outlaw FitCamp clients soon begin to welcome new people into their circle and then motivating them to extend that reach that ultimately results in helping others. By design, this spills over into the local community.

Would you please shed the knowledge on your training programs and services that help you to expand your franchise?

With an Outlaw FitCamp franchise, franchisees receive three months of transitional leadership coaching with one of the top coaching firms in the country. They’re trained to go from an employee mentality to an employer mentality. There can be missteps from new franchisees, but our comprehensive training helps to avoid these instances.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we have individuals from very diverse backgrounds who have become franchisees. Even though they have been quite successful in their previous careers, most of them have never been a business owner or even a boss. The leadership coaching & training provided make our new franchise owners successful right from the start. Again, this stems from building personal confidence.

To complement it all, our corporate team continuously mentors franchisees when they need assistance.

What are Outlaw FitCamp future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?

Outlaw FitCamp is rapidly expanding. We have built and developed a brand-new headquarters that is scheduled to open by November 2021. Strategically, we have located it only 15 minutes from DFW Airport, near Lake Grapevine, next to boutique hotels and restaurants. We did this for a reason. Now when we have a franchise owner visiting, we can pick them up at the airport, put them up at a hotel, have dinners and training – all within close proximity to our new headquarters. In the not-so-distant future, it’ll also help us minimize travel time to assist franchisees outside of Texas.

This is all part of our hub & spoke franchise development model to ensure we are always within a three-hour flight or four-hour drive from Outlaw FitCamp franchise locations. This model will also ensure we develop markets where we can effectively train & support franchisees together while building brand recognition across a market or region as opposed to just a single location. To that end, our strategy includes multi-unit and area development.

We’ve spent a great of time and resources in 2021 on expanding our infrastructure, building our leadership team, developing a protocol for our fitness certifications, and fine-tuning our operations manual. We’ve worked hard to make sure the Outlaw FitCamp brand can successfully move into the future.