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Online fitness Xtends business offering!

Despite lockdown and the continued effects of COVID-19, Xtend Barre has raised its
performance levels in Australia, while maintaining key revenue streams across all

Owned by Collective Wellness Group, Xtend Barre Australia has introduced online
classes, called Xtend @ Home. It’s an online workout program that builds strength
and confidence while delivering results. With studios closed in some states along
the Eastern Seaboard, the fitness brand turned its focus to virtual classes,
empowering its members to stay active while at home and offering a new dynamic
expansion to their business model.

In fact, September 2021 saw 39,161 attendances to 999 online classes, with 925 of
those, being first-time visits.

Head of Franchise Sales and Development at Collective Wellness Group, Jason
Stubbings emphasizes that members have enjoyed the change of pace and
flexibility, explaining that “85% of our first-timers are coming back for more, with 33%
of our virtual members doing over 10 classes per month.”

The overall weekly visitation comparison between in-studio vs. @ Home classes per
member is up 66% on average, demonstrating significant member engagement
through their Live classes.

As restrictions start to ease across New South Wales and Victoria, the team is
eager to open its doors again. They are also confident that their new online
offering, which is included with every Xtend membership, provides more choice for
members and additional income streams for franchise partners.

Recent surveys, conducted by the Xtend Barre head office, have found 69% of
members from NSW, VIC & ACT will continue to use Xtend @ Home as part of their
membership post lockdown. On the other hand, 64% of surveyed members will
continue to use Xtend @ Home in combination with their studio experience. One of
their member’s survey responses said, “I never thought I’d say this, but I really do
think I will continue with the online classes even after the lockdown ends. I’ve found it
a brilliant way to start the day and very easy to slot into my schedule. Under difficult
circumstances, the instructors have been simply fantastic – always so positive and
incredibly welcoming.”

As more Australians turn their focus on health and wellbeing, there are also
significant opportunities to re-evaluate careers and business goals. Owning an Xtend
studio provides flexibility, where franchise partners can work their own hours by
taking control of their own path.

If you’re interested in finding out more about owning an Xtend Barre studio, please
get in touch!

About Xtend Barre


In 2011 Andrea Rodgers, an ex-dancer with 10 years of experience, started a fitness
revolution. Working as a Pilates instructor, she was getting results for her clients but
thought the classes could be more exciting. She created a new workout combining
high-energy dance with Pilates and called it Xtend Barre. There are no ballet shoes,
leotards, or fancy footwork, just empowering, results-driven workouts to strengthen
the whole body which has resulted in a global footprint around the world.
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