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Dori Larea | Founder | Nexplore USA

Nexplore Enrichment: Fostering the Joy of Learning

Undoubtedly, a good education is a foundation for a better future. An educated mind has a logical, analytical, curious, rational, practical, and holistic approach towards everything. But, all this comes down to the way one learns. Learning becomes effective when it is engaging and joyful. When learning becomes fun, students are more willing to participate.

With a mission to foster the Joy of Learning through enrichment opportunities so that each child may discover and explore a passion that drives him or her to excel, Nexplore was formed.

Nexplore fosters a love of learning in all of its students through hands-on experiences designed to inspire and empower their natural curiosity. It is helping future generations find and pursue their passion for learning.

At the Franchise Universe, we caught up with Dori Larea, the Founder of Nexplore, to know more about the company and what makes it the best choice for franchisees to start their business.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What led to the inception of Nexplore?

Nexplore was founded on the belief that each of us has a passion. A particular drive for learning. This desire to learn sparks a meaningful lifelong journey of discovery. Learning then becomes a goal rather than a means to an end. As a father of four sons, 3 of them are triplets. I realized from a young age, each of them developed a unique aptitude. One is a tech-savvy, the other is a natural performer, and the third is an incredible athlete as my oldest son. Personally, I am a chess player and love strategic gaming of any sort. I consider myself a fortunate man to be able to turn my hobby into entrepreneurship that benefits others.

Describe the franchise and its education management model, which addresses all the needs of your customers.

Nexplore is an enrichment service provider, one of the largest in the Nation for onsite and virtual enrichment-academic specialties. What makes us special is our diversified and rich portfolio. We offer over 20 STEAM, life skills & Fitness solutions designed for in school, after school and/or summer camp settings, which makes us kind of a “one stop shop”, all-inclusive solution for our partner schools. We offer a full service to our partner schools. From customizing programs to meeting their enrichment needs, preparing and shipping learning supplies and kits, providing experienced and professional facilitators to successfully lead the classes using structured and detailed lessons plan, we do it all. All that while offering an exquisite and uncompromised customer support.

Our programs are currently offered at hundreds of schools and education centers across the states. We plan on developing cutting-edge programs to stay ahead of the curve. We believe Enrichment programs are fundamental for the development of children and are necessary to fill the gap between school life and real life. Our mission is to foster the joy of learning by helping children find their passion and excel. Nexplore is equipped to successfully engage and challenge students in an interactive manner and artfully minimize uncertainty even during these unprecedented times.

Below are the reasons that make our programs your ideal choice:

  • The Deliverables: Most of our programs come with deliverable supply kits to enhance learning and engage the students.
  • On-site or Virtual: Nexplore is fluid and can easily transition from one mode to another.
  • LIVE Instructors: Whether schools choose a virtual or on-site program, our experienced instructors are teaching LIVE, with no prerecorded sessions.

Describe in detail about the work culture and the values that drives Nexplore’s services.

The Nexplore team is comprised of educators, innovators, and leaders who are passionate about enriching the lives of children by making learning fun and exciting! We recognize the importance of discovering the Joy of Learning which defines each of us uniquely and fosters positive, life-long learning habits – this is a way of life. A perspective that must start with each and every one of us before it trickles down to our schools and students. This explains why our customer service is second to none. We find pleasure in serving.

As a well-known franchise in Education Management, what advanced technologies are you leveraging to make education services and franchises more productive and approachable?

As a National provider that corporately serves over 300 schools across eight states, we had the challenge to find on the market a CRM that fits our growing needs. There was simply nothing out there designed for the specific needs of managing afterschool enrichments. Therefore, we have to sleeve up and develop our own IP. Nexplore now uses its own state of the art – one of a kind customer management software that enables us to effectively run our business and facilitate onboarding franchisees.

Which is the best way to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, with your vision of achieving the joy of learning for the overall development of children?

Be flexible and creative to fit your partner school developing needs. For example, Nexplore adapted fairly quick to offer virtual programs and set forth a hybrid model that allowed us to offer both onsite and virtual services with the ability to navigate with ease between the two. As a result, in a matter of months, we have tripled our virtual enrichment bookings and have gained new clients.

Virtual and onsite learning has to be fun and engaging! Here at Nexplore, we asked ourselves how we can boost our virtual experience while staying true to our mission of “Fostering the joy of learning.” We have incorporated our four characteristics of playful learning into our virtual programs: Joyful, Actively Engaging, Socially Interactive and a Meaningful Experience. Our secret sauce, so to speak, is our unique learning supplies and hands-on consumable kits. We have created a new trend of virtual experience, which is HANDS ON. Our students are tenfold more engaged and interactive. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

#1 priority is still the youth we serve. Yes, reality has changed, but priorities have not. Keeping youth safe while providing environments that foster growth and enrichment and allow for engagement will not waiver.

What are Nexplore’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?

Our aspiration is to establish Nexplore as the largest enrichment service provider in the Nation while broadening our curriculum portfolio. With this goal in mind, we are continuously developing relationships with educational manufacturers on one end as well as with School systems on the other. Nexplore is looking for passionate and extraordinary franchisees who wish to share our journey and be part of our legacy.