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Most Profitable Franchises to Invest In

There is a difference between success and happiness, many people often confuse it with one following the another, but that’s not the case. “Success is often what you’ve always wanted, and happiness is about wanting what you get.”

In terms of business, everyone would want their business to be successful but often miss out on being happy. So, what makes the business successful and happy both at the same time? It is the franchise business that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to operate a business anywhere. Successful and happy franchises make it the most profitable franchise to invest in for the entrepreneurs and the companies. Let’s see how:

Owning a franchise is not a complicated process anymore; you need to have enough capital and space to run your franchise. So, the next question that might arise to you is, what are the most profitable franchises for investing in so that you can generate maximum revenue. Here are some of the exemplary examples of top franchises which have gained huge profits and respect globally.


It is the biggest and the most successful franchise in the world. The restaurant company tops the list with more than $80 billion in sales annually. The franchise has continued to post profit growth year over year. It is fascinating to see the restaurant franchise at the top even when other fast-food franchises are out in the market.

Estimated McDonalds has a network of over 30,000 outlets worldwide. This very much explains why the franchise has generated more than $20 billion in profit a year since 2005. Given its sheer size, it is more significant than KFC, and no wonder the most profitable franchise in the world. If you are wondering about the updates on franchising, you can run into Franchise News and Information & Franchise Business Magazine.


7 Eleven is globally the largest convenience store, confirming its position among the top profitable franchises in the world. It runs a network of over 50,000 retail stores spanning over 16 countries. In the United States alone, the franchise has over 8,000 stores – a base from which the firm generates its most profit. Additionally, the reason for being a remarkable success is that its franchise model has continued to meet customer satisfaction over the years, along with innovations. It has also awarded as the most profitable franchise last year.


With outlets of over 15,000, KFC has evolved over the years to become one of the most profitable franchises in the world. The franchise is ever-growing with the coming time and currently serves over 12 million customers a day in more than 100 countries. Its revenue tops over 6 billion annually, which explains why it is one of the most successful franchises in the world.


That’s the power of franchising, and you can create your fortune in this industry as well. By knowing about these successful journeys, we can come to the conclusion that all it needs is the beginning, and if you decide to go all the way, you can make a fortune in franchises as well. Another reason for starting your career in franchising is getting featured in Franchise Magazines. Now it’s your turn to get published in Top Business Franchise Magazine and among the profitable franchises.