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KFC re-lauanching fan favorite back from the ’90s

We adore good old-fashioned ’90s nostalgia, and fast food restaurants are significantly capitalizing on the movement. KFC is re-releasing its beloved blast from past of ’90s.

KFC announced in a recent press release. “After a wildly successful test run in 2022 and years without a nugget made with the signature taste of KFC on menus, new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are making their way to KFC’s permanent menu at participating locations.”

KFC brings back the Nuggets 

No matter how you feel about the nuggets offered by other fast-food chains, the Colonel is the person who ought to be serving those delicious chicken bites, and it’s about time he brought them back.

KFC pieces were first acquainted with the world in 1984 yet transitioned away after Firm Strips and Popcorn chicken advanced onto the menu. The Colonel says in a press release that he reintroduces his nuggets only now, with a massive helping of secret spices and snark.

“For far too long, people have been living in a pandemic of nuggets and settling for the same mediocre nuggets. The fried chicken experts are empowering the nation by encouraging Americans to embrace Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets instead of bland, cookie-cutter chicken.