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ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek Systems: Providing End-to-End Technology and Support for Your Business in Medical & Dental Billing

In today’s complex and evolving healthcare industry, delivering patient-centric care has become a high priority, introducing more challenges for our healthcare providers. This is where the importance of a professional billing company with the right resources comes into the picture, as they perform most of the behind-the-scenes tasks to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for patients. Most healthcare practitioner are now realizing the importance of outsourcing their medical billing, so they can narrow their own focus on delivering quality care to their patients. If you are looking to start a business, you should seriously consider getting into medical billing outsourcing. Recognized as the best place to start your medical billing business, ClaimTek, offers an exciting recession proof opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to join the ever-growing US healthcare industry.

ClaimTek has a proven track record of success since inception in 1993. They offer comprehensive business training that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of software. ClaimTek prepares their licensees for a successful career in medical billing as a home-based entrepreneur. Their training includes certification in both medical and dental billing, extensive software training, sales and marketing training that includes effective call scripts, targeted sales leads, marketing presentation materials and a professional business website combined with one-on-one live US based support.

Brian Weaver, Vice President of Business Development at ClaimTek sheds some light on medical billing and ClaimTek’s position in the industry through an interview conducted between him and The Franchise Universe.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Give us a brief overview of ClaimTek Systems, its vision, and its journey since inception.

ClaimTek’s vision is to improve healthcare in America from the ground up by focusing our efforts to improve small to medium sized private practices operations, so providers can focus 100% of their time on the quality of care they provide to their patients. ClaimTek Licensees can work with virtually every specialty in health care including Home Health Care, Nursing Homes, Medical Transportation, and Hospice Care, just to name a few.

At ClaimTek we teach, train, and support privately owned health care companies to implement our tested and proven solutions that have helped tens of thousands of providers across the nation for over nearly 30 years in business. Our Licensee are backed by our national organization which allows them to help providers improve their administrative efficiency and practice profitability using advanced software systems developed and designed by ClaimTek. Our software provides integration opportunities to other systems and personalized operational support that entrepreneurs implement into their clients’ practices. This means we have flexibility in how we can work with and service providers. We develop strategic relationships with providers to maximize profitability.

Our company started as a local medical billing company in Portland, OR back in 1993 but quickly grew into a full-service healthcare consulting company focused on software development and practice management improvements by the early 2000’s. Now we are the leader of our industry and the only Medical & Dental Billing Business Licensing Opportunity in the country, and we have grown to support more than 1,200 business owners nationwide.

Please list the popular solutions that make your company standout from the competition.

We offer personal, live US-based billing and operational support for Licensees to offer up to 16 products and services from a single source provider, delivering strategic and customized relationships for private practice providers. We allow providers to work the way they want, while adapting systems to their specific workflows and needs without requiring additional software license fees.

How do you make Medical Billing easy by combining it with IT and Healthcare services for the customers?

Our proprietary software, developed with specific features for medical billing companies, allows for customizations of practice management solutions and services.

Our new A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) resource is the newest technology to improve efficiency within a practice. Being able to map software to integrate with any other application provides a significant reduction in daily costs and data entry. This allows our Licensees to provide the best pricing in the marketplace with the highest profit margin for claims processing services.

As a business leader, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the Franchising and Practice Management Consulting Industry?

In our industry, it has only helped providers to see the gaps they have in their current administration and patient care services. Providers have had to look inwards at their practices to figure out what is working and what is not, to focus their time and efforts on the most important aspects of their business; to do more with less. This has put a magnifying glass on their practices which has given every Licensee within our network even more opportunity to find those providers in need.

As an established business leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into Medical Billing and the Franchising Industry?

Work with ClaimTek if you are serious about starting and growing a successful medical & dental billing business.  Follow our business development blueprint day by day and ask for help whenever you need it!  We have spent nearly 3 decades improving and perfecting our proven plan for success. It will require real work and daily dedication.  If you do the work and follow the plan, you will see and taste the fruits of your labor within a few short months.

How do you envision sustaining your company’s competency in a cutthroat and volatile world of business? Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Our company has grown to new heights since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has opened the eyes of so many providers looking for quality companies who truly care about their practice and improving patient care.

In 2020 ClaimTek released our VisitTek telemedicine software which makes it extremely affordable for a small to medium sized practice to have unlimited, high quality telemedicine appointments with their patients, automatically sending the required details to our billing software, and dramatically improving the typically manual workflow still seen in many practices today.

Review form Clients

“ClaimTek is a good investment.  The money that you spend will provide you with the software, training and all the resources and support to become successful.  But you have to do the work. If you do the work and follow ClaimTek’s plan, you’ll reap the blessing and the rewards from it. I’m so happy with my decision to join ClaimTek!” –ROCHELLE NWAFOR

“ClaimTek was much better than the rest of the software out there. In terms of scalability, in terms of proficiency. They really did a great job.”– DR. PAUL TRIOLO

“The combination of my business and finance background and the training that ClaimTek provided really puts me in a great position to be the consultant doctors are looking for.”– TERRY MCNAMARA