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Changing Lives Through Franchising

If you were to ask different franchise owners how being a franchisee has impacted their lives, there would be a deafening tone of positivity. Becoming a franchise owner is about more than owning a business, it’s about joining a community of like-minded individuals that all have similar goals in common: helping people navigate the difficult real-estate market and helping to keep their hard-earned cash in their pockets. Whether the franchise is in Canada or is one of the company’s new international locations in South Africa and Texas, franchisees rejoice at the flexibility and the collaborative effort that offers.

Kawartha Lakes, ON franchisee, Kaitlyn Smith, affirms her love for the business in explaining that at one point, she used to say, “I have to get to work,” but now cheerfully exclaims, “I want to get to work!” Smith goes on to explain that she loves the flexibility that being a franchise owner affords her when she states, “I build my business around the perimeter of my family, not my family around the edges of my business.” The heart and soul of is the franchisee, and in turn, the work-life balance of the franchisee is of utmost importance. A happy franchisee inevitably leads to excellent customer service, and in turn, creates happy buyers and sellers.

Each franchisee would agree that one of the best parts about joining the team is that they are able to make a positive impact in their own local neighborhoods. At the end of the day, it is all about the homeowner, and franchisees take great pride in the connections that they create with each and every person that approaches them for an alternative to traditional real estate.

Most franchisees end up coming from different backgrounds in the corporate world. Some are teachers, some are entrepreneurs, but Rick Davies’ training wasn’t done in dress shoes and jeans, but instead, in combat boots and fatigues. Featured in Franchise Canada magazine’s January/February 2019 Trends issue, Davies explains how his history as a veteran in the Armed Forces helped him become a successful franchisee. Davies explains that “you have to be flexible in the military and as an entrepreneur.”

While most people operate within a standard nineto-five business day, franchisees understand that not every homeowner is on the same schedule. The franchisee’s flexibility is not only key to their work-life balance but is also key in helping out private sellers when it’s convenient for them. This kind of work ethic is found in all franchisees.

For instance, Red Deer and Central Alberta franchisee, David Hicks, states that his day begins before sunrise. Starting the day in reflection, he then heads to the gym. There isn’t much time of the day not spent thinking about how to better engage people with his franchise. Hicks reflects that his days are rarely ever the same and are anything but dull. With an extensive background in gas and oil, Hicks spent a lot of his earlier years away from home.

This pushed Hicks toward ownership of his own business. He enthuses that he now gets to be, “home every night [and gets to] work from home a lot.”

Hicks is prideful in his accomplishments during his time as a franchisee with, elaborating on three major aspects about what drives him to do a great job for the homeowners in his area. The first of those being that he is aware that he is offering a service that is genuinely good for people. Alberta is an incredibly competitive market, and with every private seller that Hicks and his team aide, there are thousands of dollars in commission being saved for homeowners in their communities every single day.

Secondly, Hicks loves that he and his team are on the leading edge of the industry. As the world is constantly in motion, so is the real estate market, and Hicks realized incredibly quickly how the model aligned with the market, and more importantly, homeowners’ expectations and desire to sell their properties on their own terms.

Finally, the combination of his passion for photography and real estate is a bonus. When he is not listing houses, Hicks can be found shooting photos of the Alberta wildlife and scenery. As an avid hiker, he loves the flexibility that being a franchise owner offers him; especially when he gets called to do photoshoots for incredible houses. He recounts the time that he was called upon to do a listing for a house on the summit of a mountain. His office can change by the day, something an adventurer like Hicks adores.

Needless to say, becoming a franchisee is one of the most rewarding endeavours that one can experience. With the combination of having a flexible schedule and the knowledge that you are genuinely helping people save their hard-earned cash, what is there not to love? Smith, Davies, and Hicks are only a few examples of those that have happily jumped in with both feet, and with new franchises popping up monthly, the family is only getting larger.

About the Author

Ken LeBlanc is a Canadian entrepreneur, franchisor, and real estate analyst born in Moncton, New Brunswick. In 1998 LeBlanc co-founded As President and CEO, LeBlanc has overseen the company’s growth from a single Moncton location to an organization with over 120 franchises serving over 600 communities across Canada and the USA.