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Nick-Anthony Zamucen | Founder & President | Best Option Restoration

Best Option Restoration (BOR): A Trusted Franchise At the Forefront of the Restoration Industry

It is evident that any catastrophic incident or accidents that occur, be it from mother nature or due to our own mistakes, cannot be stopped by us. The damage it leaves behind is devastating and costs to restore them are staggering. This is where restoration companies come into the picture. A leader in the restoration industry, Best Option Restoration (BOR) is committed to helping those in need after a disaster. The experienced team at BOR has the knowledge and equipment necessary to make sure that it leaves every home as it was before the incident or what it calls “preloss” condition.

From mold and sewage remediation to fire damage restoration, or debris removal, the certified technicians of BOR combine courtesy with professionalism to make their customer’s property look and feel like home again.

The ingenious mind behind BOR is Nick-Anthony Zamucen. A proven leader, Nick-Anthony Zamucen has really changed the game when it comes to the service franchise industry. BOR is his fourth franchised organization.

With an extensive franchise presence across the country, BOR has made its way to be known as a trusted national leader in the disaster restoration industry. Let’s shed some more light on the journey of BOR and why it is the best option to be consider for franchising, through an interview between Nick and The Franchise Universe.

“All of our competitors are on my list. For their sake, I hope they’re paying close attention.”

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What led to the inception of Best Option Restoration?

Best Option Restoration, what we like to call BOR, started from seeing another brand I created, BioOne the most recognizable crime and trauma scene franchise in the world, seeing their need to have help with jobs. Here’s what I mean, Bio-One franchisees would do a job, which normally entails pulling carpet, perhaps baseboards, maybe drywall etc. and then they would call a restoration company to come do the repairs. I got tired of making other companies money, basically I got tired of pushing the work down the street, so I decided to start a new brand, which today is Best Option Restoration. BOR and Bio-One work together hand-in-hand on jobs to make sure their clients are completely satisfied. Both companies feed each other work, so where there’s a BOR, a Bio-One isn’t too far away.

Describe the company and its extensive disaster restoration and cleanup services which address all the needs of your customers.

BOR handles all the traditional water, mold, fire, content cleaning services. While teaming up with Bio-One, who handles bio and hoarding, there’s really no situation we’ve come across we can’t handle.

What makes Best Option Restoration a preferred franchise option over other competitor franchises?

BOR franchisees aren’t just trained to be another man in a van with a fan. Our franchisees are thermal technology experts. We use heat to dry structures faster and more efficiently than our competitors. What takes our competitors seven to ten days to dry, we dry in three. We use better technology and we do it from day one. It’s not an afterthought or a “I should have tried that” like our competitors say. We are truly experts in our fields. In addition, we are the only franchised company in our space who will bill, negotiate and collect invoices for our franchisees. We have a collections team which all they do is collect our franchisees invoices from insurance companies. This saves our franchises time and money so they can do what’s important, give outstanding customer service to our clients.

Give a detailed description of your influence over the company and the industry.

This is my fourth franchised organization. I’m not a newbie trying to figure out what makes a franchise happy, mad, successful etc. I’ve placed hundreds if not thousands of successful franchises in my years of experience. A new brand to me is not a new company who is trying to figure out the space. A new brand to me is another brand of my successful franchised portfolio which grows by the month. To be with me is to be on the winning team. I win, that’s what I do and I can prove it with my years of success. Winning is a formula, and it normally starts by putting the right people in place and adding more value than anyone could possibly expect. Do more for others than they could ever imagine, and you’ll always win.

Describe the need for evolution of technology to be prepared for times like that of a global pandemic. How is Best Option Restoration averting the impact that the pandemic has caused?

BOR isn’t an economy driven business, so a pandemic, a faulty stock market, an election, none of these things affect a water pipe bursting in someone’s house. These things are going to happen, so BOR franchisees are always ready to go to work and help others.

How do you sustain in the current unpredictable markets and hectic competition?

I thrive on winning, so my brain is always looking for ways to add value to my franchisees, so they in turn can exceed expectations to their clients. I don’t lay back on my laurels and think that I can’t be beat…anyone can be. There are two fundamental ways of growing a business…marketing and innovation. My franchisees are out marketing their business on an everyday basis. I am constantly looking for ways to innovate, disrupt or add on additional revenue streams, so we always stay on top.

Describe in detail about the work culture and the values that drive the company.

My office is very relaxed. I don’t micromanage, I hire the talent and let them do their job. We don’t ask for vacation time, we find out who’s going and for how long. We’re not children, we don’t need our hands held. We all know what needs to get done on a monthly basis to run a successful company and we work when we need to. We play the rest of the time. I believe in a family atmosphere. Does it bite me in the butt sometimes? Of course, but my staff will take a bullet for me and I will do the same.

What is your vision for the company? And what would be the best roadmap for getting there?

We’re going to get big. BOR is really going to be a major player in the game. We’re going to give those ugly yellow trucks and disgusting avocado green ones a run for their money. I’m coming after everyone. They’re all my targets. They may say they don’t know us now, but they won’t be saying that very much longer. They’re all on my list. For their sake, I hope they’re paying close attention. I’m going to eat their lunch.

Some Satisfied Franchisees

“I never thought I would be able win in an industry this competitive, but I win every day.” -Kyle C. BOR of Cherry Creek

“Never having any experience with insurance companies or really restoration, I’m making more money than I thought was ever possible. I love Nick and my BOR franchise.” -Mike M. BOR of Thornton “I was nervous to leave my six-figure job for a startup franchise. Nick and the management team at BOR are truly phenomenal. Not a single regret and I’m making more now than I ever have.” -Jason F. BOR of N. Vegas‘‘

“BOR is only company to exclusively use Thermal Technology from Day 1.”