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Mark Bates | Managing Director & Josh Smallwood | Head of Franchise Business Development | Banana Moon Day Nursery Limited

Banana Moon Day Nursery: Providing an Enriching Experience to Children as well as Parents

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s conscience than the way in which its children are treated. Children deserve utmost care and attention as they are helpless babies.

Providing sufficient care to the children is absolutely essential so that they don’t grow as adults with insensitive behavior and insecure mentality. It is of utmost significance so that they become gentle and responsible citizens in the future. Thus, childcare centers play an essential role in the healthcare and development of children and ease the task of parents in many ways.

However, finding a high-quality childcare center that provides a safe, stimulating environment and allows your child to thrive becomes a daunting task.

At The Franchise Universe, we came across one such high-quality childcare center named Banana Moon Day Nursery. Banana Moon Day Nursery is setting the standards in childcare by seeing everything from a parent’s point of view. It creates a caring and loving environment for children.

We caught up with Josh Smallwood, the Head of Franchise Business Development at Banana Moon, to know more about the nursery and how it is empowering its franchisees with its proven business model.

How it was Born?

Banana Moon Day Nursery was incorporated in 2006 when its Managing Director Mark Bates was unable to find childcare for his daughter that fit the high standard that he demanded as a parent. The problem was that there were no really high-quality nurseries that focused on both the children and parents.

Rather than expanding his search, Mark and his father Mike Bates decided that they would set up a nursery suited to their requirements, and Banana Moon was born. Since then, they never looked back and kept on growing.

What remained at the forefront of the Banana Moon brand as it grew was its belief in always putting the children first, along with the intention of developing a successful business model.

They then took the decision to franchise their business model in 2010.

Important Parameters of a Business Model

Banana Moon Day Nursery’s unique business model is proven to provide children and parents with a fantastic experience and promises a successful business to the franchisees.

It offers its franchisees:

  1. Extensive support from the head office team
  2. Comprehensive franchise package
  3. High-quality support and service

Ensuring Complete Assistance to Franchisees

Moreover, Banana Moon provides a comprehensive franchise package that ensures that its franchisees are fully trained to run a daycare provision. It also provides franchisees with access to its quality assurance team, who have a wide variety of experience working in the nursery sector. This quality assurance team can advise franchisees on how to achieve the top Ofsted grading of Outstanding.

Banana Moon also provides business reviews with its franchisees to ensure that they are not overspending in certain areas and many resources to assist with HR, marketing, and procurement.

Providing Franchisees with Support and Direction

Josh opines that the childcare industry is a large and rapidly expanding industrial sector, and by joining Banana Moon’s brand, a franchisee can own a profitable long-term business.

The founders of Banana Moon Day Nursery believe that the fastest route to business success is franchising. Banana Moon provides franchisees with the support and direction they need to operate their own Banana Moon Day Nursery successfully, affording them the best opportunity for success. It knows what to expect from a new owner and offers the highest level of support.

Having Uniformity Between All Franchisees

When it comes to work culture, the leadership team at Banana Moon strives to provide a fun working environment that actively seeks to reward its staff for achieving high results and high Ofsted grades. The team has regular reviews of the company’s documents and policies and will go out as a team on a regular basis. It also encourages all of its staff to come to the company’s annual Midnight Moon Event, which is its awards ceremony for its franchisees. Everyone at Banana Moon strives for a common goal; to have uniformity between all of its franchisees.

Providing Latest Nursery Technology to Franchisees

Besides, Banana Moon strives to make everything as easy for its franchisees as possible by using technology to help them design and create their own marketing campaigns that comply with it. It also provides its franchisees with the latest nursery technology, from a cutting-edge digital management system and parent app to a 10-point touch interactive table.

Growing Franchise Network in a Controlled Manner

Banana Moon Day Nursery is looking to grow its franchise network in a controlled manner to ensure that the uniformity and quality do not suffer as a result of rapid growth. It is also looking to continually develop its own curriculum to ensure that it is a market leader and sets it aside from the rest of the competition.

To do this, Banana Moon Day Nursery is implementing a marketing strategy to target the right caliber of the franchisee as well as employing experts in curriculum design to review its current offering and improve it.