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Dr. Keving Wang | Ph.D | Academic Director | Ms. Kelly Ren | Executive Director | Areteem Institute

Areteem Intelligence Planet: A Wise Investment in the Future

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) education is often credited for the tremendous progress of humanity. It is often revered among philosophers and educators alike as a path to enlightenment towards promising innovation. It became a key foundation for success for innovators like Marie Curie, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many more. Today, STEAM is regarded as an essential component of 21stcentury education.

Undoubtedly, STEAM education is changing the face of the education system throughout the world. Thus, investing in this field of education for the franchise would be a wise decision.

According to Pew Research Centre, the individuals with a STEM degree earned on average $77,400 in 2019, compared to $46,900 for individuals from non-STEM occupations in the United States. An institute that promises to make this lifelong investment in the future of STEAM education in the United States is Areteem Institute, and the franchise offered is Areteem Intelligence Planet.

Areteem aims to cultivate the same vision that has inspired young minds for ages. The institute aims to introduce STEAM learning in a fun and intriguing manner to young minds to take on global innovation challenges like Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, 3D design, and more.

Its core courses in math, science, computer programming, engineering, and others are designed to make children lifelong learners in STEM. Students can be enrolled in these programs as early as 4 grade and continue their progress all th the way to 12 grade. The programs are also designed for a wide variety of student needs, including additional assistance outside of the classroom, advanced and in-depth learning, futuristic learning like AI, Robotics, and more. The programs are offered to students through yearround online and onsite programs. Moreover, students can also enroll in advanced seasonal programs like summer and winter intensive modules. The institute also offers a local learning center, the ‘Areteem Intelligence Planet’ to bring out the best of local talent through a combination of e-learning and hybrid learning methods.

A Wise Investment

Areteem Institute, with its futuristic learning program, is ideally placed to take on nextgeneration learning challenges across the US. The institute is also partnering with new stakeholders with continuous learning programs at local learning centers. Through this partnership, the franchisor supports its franchisees at every step of the setup, including assistance in finding the right location, business licensing, procuring equipment, reaching local families through advertising, finding advanced teaching material, and more. With its years of experience in conversing with American families and students, the institute also brings a fresh perspective to on-going franchise operations. For example, the institute is adapting at offering advanced online technology, learning modules, and expert teaching staff to provide a head-start to the franchise. Furthermore, the institute also continues to focus on developing new courses to meet the growing curiosity of students, in line with the expectations of parents. Its expertise in the subject matter has enabled Areteem Insitute to hold national accolades in academic programs, along with the life-long support of families and students it serves.

A Unique Vision

As innovations become key, conventional education with a limited focus on a particular discipline is quickly becoming aged. For example, in order to innovate in the field of Artificial Intelligence, students are required to pursue a wide range of skills, including tech, math, writing skills, and more. The Areteem Institute promises to fulfill the void created by conventional education with rigorous training. The programs combine varied skillsets like story-telling, video game design, writing, and math into an inter-disciplinary learning stream. This th stream has advanced students as little as 4 graders to the height of modern skill development. For example, students at an Areteem Intelligence Planet class first write down about a journey with their family, then they are instructed to use the storyline and develop a video game that recreates this journey, and eventually, adding the component of math application in the advancing mechanism in the video games. Students are engaged to solve math problems in collaboration with their peers. The math problems are essential to overcoming major obstacles and challenging students to come with creative and fun ways to learn and transpire a change in attitude towards learning. The interdisciplinary learning program at Areteem Institute remains a cornerstone of the institute’s offering, along with challenging conventional programs like engineering, maths, design, and more.

A Capable Leadership

Kevin Wang, Ph.D. the Academic Director, and Kelly Ren, Executive Director of Areteem Institute believe the US education needs a radically new vision to solve its challenges to meet the needs of the ever changing technology driven world. Both of them have witnessed many first-hand challenges associated with the US education system. On the one hand, the costs of higher education continue to go up, with little promise of gaining meaningful employment. On the other hand, many US college students are often left without real guidance to enter the US college system – resulting in a lack of direction and failure to capture their true potential. This has not only resulted in the surmounting debt for college students but also a failure to provide educational support at early ages to develop the intellect of the US student population. Kevin Wang believes Areteem Institute promises to bring real change to the US education system. He notes, “Young minds in the country are confused about their career paths. A career counseling with healthy curiosity, intellectual development can help students reach their complete potential, and prepare young students for success in career and life.”

Kevin Wang and Kelly Ren also have tremendous experience in shaping the young to prepare for the future. Areteem Institute, in its 20 years of establishment, has sparked a passion for science in thousands of students. Today, the students at Areteem Institute take on major challenges, including attending American Math Competitions (AMC), MathCounts, STEM festival, Science and Engineering Fair, and more. Kevin and Kelly have both studied at one of the top institutes in the country, and their leadership is key to driving vision at Areteem Institute. While Kevin did his Ph.D in Mathematics from Penn State University, Kelly went to the same school for her master’s in electrical engineering. Kevin, with his experience in leading the first Chinese team to the International Math Olympiad, continues to inspire and motivate thousands of young minds to take up the same challenge. Kelly, with her professional experience as a design engineer at IBM, inspires students to pursue some of the best careers in the industry, like gaming design, 3D design, and more.

Kelly Ren remains extremely upbeat about the prospects of Areteem Institute. She notes, “As long as our partners value education, as caring business people, Areteem offers a top-notch professional team to support. Why worry about the future?”

Only time will tell if Areteem Insitute expands its wings to become a top STEAM education provider in the country. However, its teaching prowess and its support for its partners make it one of the wisest investments in the business today.