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Apple’s 12-core M3 Chip is Part of a Quick “Mac Comeback” Strategy

The M2 generation of Macs is still being released; a 15-inch M2 MacBook Air and possibly an M2 Ultra Mac Pro are anticipated to make their debuts at Apple’s upcoming WWDC event. However, according to a recent rumor, the company is already working hard to get the next generation of devices ready. Testing on the M3 processors is reportedly well underway.

Apple Insights

According to information provided by an understandably anonymous App Store developer, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple is developing the upcoming update to its Mac chip in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter. The M3 model that was spotted in testing, which is thought to be a close approximation of the base M3 Pro, has 12 CPU cores, divided into six cores with high performance and six cores with lower power efficiency. This contrasts with the M2 Pro’s 10 CPU cores (six high-power and four efficiencies) and the M1 Pro’s 8 (four/four) cores. As a result, the report gains the credibility boost that comes from making sense in light of earlier publications.

Power Specifications

Additionally, the rumored M3 Pro has 36GB of RAM (up from 32GB in both the M2 Pro and M1 Pro), 18 graphics cores (another logical advancement from 16 in the M2 Pro and 14 in the M1 Pro), and other specifications. According to Gurman’s predictions based on the various advancements, the M3 Max could have 14 CPU cores and 40 graphics cores, while the M3 Ultra, made possible by the 3nm manufacturing process, could “top out at 28 CPU cores and sport more than 80 graphics cores, up from a 64-core limit on the M1 Ultra.” These processors are going to be incredibly quick.

Gurman contends that the M3 might be a crucial component of Apple’s strategy to attract customers back to the Mac family, which saw a revenue decline of 31% in the most recent financial results. He claims that the M3 could assist the business in providing “new ways to entice customers back to the lineup.”